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Our Credo

To enrich the process of learning, adhering to true Values and to empower the aspirants to meet the burgeoning global demands.


Method stimulates learning by providing direct sensory experience to the child through self-selected activities and by encouraging the child to observe, explore &solve problems.

Co Scholastics

The phenomenal feature of our school is the multiple thinking skills lab – the Brain Gym. Students will be engaged in a gamut of interesting activities.



Our Mission

To recognize that each child is an individual, all children are creative and all children need to succeed.
To instill sense of love, respect, honesty, sociability, companionship & brotherhood.
To promote the talents by providing opportunities to enrich life.
To make the students mentally developed, physically strong, emotionally balanced and technically talented.


To achieve excellence in education and to develop our students into versatile, competent and enlightened individuals.


Welcome to the Academic Year

2017 - 2018

Welcome to the Ideal English School, RAK website. IES is a wonderful place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved and have a meaningful experience. We strive to create an environment where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his / her individual success.

We have a dynamic hardworking faculty who are involved in education to benefit your child. By education, we mean the holistic development of our student community, physical, mental and spiritual so as to equip them as responsible citizens of the future world.

To us each child is unique we expect that our students will become well rounded adults contributing to our community as a result of their nurturing at IES.

All of this is made possible by strong partnerships that are developed with our parents.



Vice Principal



Mrs.Nancy Almeida

Head Supervisor

  • The school got accreditation from the ministry of education.
  • 100% success in CBSE Board Examination from 2006 – till date.
  • Active and increased participation in Benchmark , Shastra Pratibha, Spelling Bee.
  • Students got distinction for Shastra Prathiba & Benchmark. .
  • Very Good rating by Mentor Monitors allotted by CBSE.
  • Won high appreciation for the science exhibits at KNOWLEDGE FAIR.
  • Appreciation by MOE RAK for the Best Maintenance of Record
  • Highly appreciated for the school ambience & Social Science Observation Class by MOE ,RAK & Principals of other School.
  • Won prizes at Various External Competitions & Tournaments.
  • Secured Third Place for the Inter School Football tournament
  • Won laurels for art& painting.
  • Won many prizes for individual & team events organised by TEENS INDIA


  1. Pupils must come in time to school. Latecomers will not be admitted in the class.
  2. Every pupil must possess a copy of the school calendar which should be brought to school daily.
  3. The speaking of English is enforced in the school and within the school premises.
  4. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all. Colouring of the hair and the use of styling gel is strictly Grooming of the hair is compulsory. Shabby uncombed hair will not be permitted. Girls are not allowed to use fancy jewellery.
  5. Every child admitted in the school must have the complete school uniform exact in colour and pattern. A pupil without uniform and shoes may be asked to return home.
  6. Running, playing, shouting inside the school building is never allowed. Perfect silence must be observed when changing classes for language and other subjects.
  7. The pupils are not permitted to remain absent from school on working days. Leave is granted only in the circumstance beyond control like sickness etc.
  8. If a pupil is late or absent, he must bring a written justification III the Absent Record/Late Coming Record in his calendar.
  9. Pupils must return after the holiday on the appointed day. In case of sickness for more than 3 days, the Principal must be informed and doctor’s certificate must be produced along with the leave application.
  10. Pupils who have been absent from school for one month or more without permission are liable to have their names struck off from the rolls, and may not be readmitted.
  11. No, pupil should leave the school premises except by special permission of the principal.
  12. The school is not responsible for book, money, clothes and other articles that are lost. Pupils must look after their own possessions. It is not advisable to have money or valuable articles with them.
  13. No books (other than text or library books), comics, newspapers, periodicals, cassettes, compact discs (CD) and mobile phones should be brought to the school premises without the consent of the authorities.
  14. No presents are to be given to the teachers.
  15. Any kind of damage done to the school premises has to be made good. All the students should be particularly careful not to throw paper etc., anywhere in the school premises. Baskets and Dustbins especially provided for this purposes should be used.
  16. Letters received in the school, address to pupils will not be delivered.
  17. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour both in and outside the school. Any reported or observed misconduct out of the school on the part of the pupils shall make them liable for disciplinary action.
  18. A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.
  19. Disrespect and disobedience to superiors, using abusive and obscene words and other exhibiting habits or behaviour considered by the school authorities as not suitable to a student, will be met by dismissal.
  20. Pupils suffering from contagious or infectious disease will not be permitted to attend school.
  21. Irregular attendances, habitual idleness, disobedience of pupils which may affect the moral tone of the school, justify dismissal.
  22. Every pupils should endeavor to keep up the high tone and good name of the school, by excelling in fine manners.
  23. Students misbehaving in the school will be reported to the parents and sufficient warning will be given for improvement. Even after repeated warnings, if a student continues to misbehave, he will be expelled from the school.
  24. At all times students are expected to be polite and courteous towards other students and the staff.
  25. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the school campus.

Aiming at an all round development of the child’s personality, the school offers a wide range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Activities include Elocution, Quiz, Recitation, Essay-writing, Versification, Debating, Athletics, Art and music and Science Club. Promising students are provided expert guidance to prove their talents in competitions.

The House System

To inculcate a sense of team spirit and healthy competition, the students and teachers are divided into four houses.

Blue (Mercury), Green (Neptune), Red (Mars), Yellow (Venus)

Each week one of the houses is made responsible for discipline and general order of the school. Extra-curricular activities are conducted on an inter-house basis. A trophy is being presented at the end of the academic year to the house with the highest aggregate points.


  • Students are expected to attend school in the prescribed school uniform and to be neatly dressed at all times. A pupil who does not conform to this regulation, could be asked to return home after two warnings.
  • Personal cleanliness and hygiene is expected of all students.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and politeness at all times. Courtesy and good manners must be the most important aspects of pupil behavior. All school staff must be obeyed and respected. Disrespect for and disobedience to school staff, using abusive or obscene words, or exhibiting behavior considered by school authorities as objectionable in students will result in strict disciplinary action involving suspension or even expulsion from school.
  • Students are expected to greet all visitors to the school and members of the staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Students should respect each other and refrain from hurting their peers either by words or by action.
  • Discipline must be maintained in the classrooms throughout the day. Disruptive behaviour will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Running, playing, or shouting inside the school building is forbidden. Perfect silence must be observed while changing classes for languages and optional subjects.
  • Indisciplined behaviour on the school bus will render a student ineligible to use school
  • Normally no student is allowed out of class to drink water or to go to the toilet. This should be done only during the Break or after classes.
  • Speaking in English within the school campus and on the school buses is strictly enforced.
  • Students are expected to respond appropriately to School Prefects, House Captains and all other School Office-Bearers.
  • Students must not steal the belongings of their school-mates. Serious action will be taken if a student is caught stealing.
  • Money, or any articles, should not be borrowed or lent to anyone. It is also not permitted to buy, sell or exchange any goods in school.
  • All students are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour both in and outside the school. Any indiscipline on the part of students shall render them liable for disciplinary action.
  • Repeated failure to complete homework will result in appropriate disciplinary procedures which could include Detention.
  • Students found talking during a test / examination may be asked by the invigilator to leave the room.
  • Cheating or any form of examination malpractice is unacceptable and a’ pupil caught using unfair means will be debarred from the examination and will not be graded.
  • The names of students detained twice consecutively in the same class will be taken off the school rolls.
  • Wilful violation of the School Rules is cause for disciplinary measures to be taken which could include Detention or Suspension from classes. In extreme cases, such as a student whose conduct is harmful to other students, the student may be expelled from the school in agreement with the Ministry of Education.
  • The School Management reserves the right to revise the School Rules and the Code of Conduct and Discipline, at any time, if considered necessary.







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